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your contracts. Your way.

your contracts. Your way.

your contracts. Your way.your contracts. Your way.your contracts. Your way.

We are expert commercial lawyers with loads of in-house experience available to help you negotiate your supply, services, and technology contracts and manage your operations and IP.

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Level up your contract process

Managing legal review of your commercial contracts does not have to be expensive or complicated.

Our lawyers review and negotiate your contracts following your protocols and standards.

We make the process convenient and seamless. Our efficiency can save you thousands.

Some of Our Clients


Our Client Portal

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Laura Frederick Law makes it easy to stay up to speed on your matters.  All of your contracts are available on the secured client portal. You'll always have access to the documents you need and be able to review the latest drafts.

What Our Clients Say

"Patience and Clarity of a Teacher"

"Ms. Frederick provided excellent guidance on a contract I was having difficulty understanding.  She took me through the document with the patience and clarity of a teacher.  I felt like I had an advocate in the process and would definitely recommend her as well as use her services again myself."

"Any Client Will Be in Good Hands"

"I've had the pleasure of working with Laura as a colleague in Tesla's Supply Chain. She is professional, well-spoken and courteous in negotiations, and has the experience and skills to close business deals quickly with advantageous terms. I'm sure with her new company any client will be in good hands."

How We Help

It is hard to keep up with what feels like a never-ending stream of contracts, especially when you are short staffed or an unexpected surge happens.  It's ok.  You don't have to handle them all on your own.  

We have business contracts lawyers standing by ready to help you get it done. 

We have worked on commercial contracts as in-house counsel for energy, technology, financial services, and industrial companies.  We've been there and done that.  We get the need to balance protecting the company while getting your contracts signed and done.  

We offer a secure client portal where you can access your contracts, playbooks,  check-in with your lawyer, and always be able to see the latest status of your deals.  

Our lawyers have access to automated contract review software, which allows us to expedite our review and revisions.  We can even customize the artificial intelligence in that program to match your company's  risk tolerances and contract rules.  


How We Are Different

Real World Solutions, Not Law Review Articles

As in-house counsel, you have to provide your internal clients with answers.  You don't need an outside counsel to say "it depends" or provide long detailed memos outlining the legal background with so many caveats that there is no clear direction.   When you ask us a question, we answer with our legal analysis and our recommendation of how to handle it.   With an average of 20+ years experience among our senior attorneys, we've likely been in your situation or something similar.  

Sophisticated Expertise at Affordable Rates

Laura Frederick Law relies upon a network of experienced contract attorneys to provide support to our clients.  This approach keeps our overhead low and enables us to provide sophisticated experts at affordable rates.   We only align with attorneys who offer proven experience and expertise.   Building our firm with  trusted contract attorneys means we can offer clients just the right expertise for their issues.  We also have the bandwidth to instantly scale up for large projects or deals that need immediate review.